Emma Curtis – singer, teacher, counsellor & coach

I’m an international opera soloist, and have taught singing for about 25 years. I bring together years of experience in performance, coaching, counselling, healing arts and teaching, to offer you keys to a healthier voice, good technique and more confidence in your presentation.

I am a Professional Opera and Concert Singer, a Grief and Bereavement Counsellor, Secular Minister and Master Breathwork Practitioner. I am a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (GGSM) and plus two years Post-diploma Vocal Training at the GSMD, and three further years working with Marilyn Horne as a fellow at the Music Academy of the West; I gained my diploma in Professional Therapeutic Massage in 1988 and in 2009 trained in Seattle under Tom Kenyon in Sound Healing and Psycho-acoustics. I have studied Pelvic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, and the symptoms of Stress, relating these conditions to connections between the body and mind. I am a certified Thanatologist specialising in Grief, Traumatic Loss and Bereavement, certified by Center for Loss, Colorado and am a member of ADEC, the Association for Death Education and Counseling. I am a Master Breathwork Practitioner certified by Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts.

I have always taught singing with humour. Firstly because we can either learn through humour, or humiliation and fear and I have no interest in the latter two as teaching tools. Secondly because laughter and joy open up our natural resonances and muscular mechanisms for good powerful speech and song. Why not use what we already have programmed into our bodies, before we impose any kind of ‘technique’. Only that which is built upon our natural selves, our own physiology and psychology, will result in authenticity.

Many of us carry grief with us. Soldiering on and putting a brave face on things seriously effects the way that we breath and our vocal quality, even though we think we have persuaded everyone that we are doing fine. If you feel that your sadness at any loss or trauma is affecting your voice we can talk, and look at that together and work through it. Our experiences make us who we are, sometimes we have to learn how to work with strong emotions to feel more secure and grounded.

Breathwork can be a deep emotional cathartic process allowing us to shift into new awareness and more positive patterns. We are consciousness in a body, and that body contains our organs, our heart, our psyche, our voice, and, if you believe in one, our soul. Liberating your voice and healing your body, can also involve working with old beliefs that may be limiting. We all limit ourselves, sub-consciously, through shyness, sadness or past experiences. Empowering ourselves to Speak and Sing authentically allows us to let go of the past and evolve into our highest potential.

Emma Curtis is a professional singer with an international career. You can listen to recordings of her work here: Spotify: Von der Schönheit from Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde, Vimeo Gallery: Emma Curtis (contralto) – opera arias and The Frolick live in concert.