Booking a session for voice work or breathwork

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I’ll get back to you at the earliest opportunity. I’m happy to call you and give you 15 mins my time for FREE so that we can be sure that working together is the right choice.


I charge £80 for 1 hour of my time.
You can buy packages of lessons, see below.

A private Breathwork Journeying session can last up between two and two and a half hours – £200, this includes the breathwork journey (incl. body work, reiki, sound healing as appropriate), the art process, and processing to integrate your breathwork journey for personal transformation.
Discounts apply if you sign up for more than one breathwork session at a time or if you bring someone new to Breathwork Journeying.

Session Cancellation Policy

  • Singing, Public speaking and Coaching

    I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. However, please contact me as soon as possible if you need to cancel, or re-schedule, your session. If you feel unwell on the day of your session, please call me.
  • Breathwork Journeying

    If you cancel within 48 hours I would ask that you pay for the time that I have put aside for you. Exceptions are in case of illness, if you feel unwell, please call me. If you fail to show up for your session, I ask that you respect the appointment that you made, and the time dedicated for you and honour the session fee due. Thank you.

Can I buy a package of lessons? - Yes. As a gift for yourself or someone else!

  • Package offer - 3 Sessions for £220

    A saving of £20 off the full price for committing to yourself!
  • Package offer - 6 Sessions for £432

    That's a 10% discount on your sessions for committing to yourself!
  • Special Offer - Book One Breathwork session and Get A Second for £150

    That's a saving almost 25% on your second Breathwork session when two sessions purchased together!


  • Who do I work with?

    I've taught all kinds of people to sing or improve their singing, from classical singers in training, professional actors and ballet dancers, to people from professions outside the performing arts who study public speaking singing for their own pleasure and recreation. If you are really committed to work to increase the power of your voice and reclaim your authenticity and comfort presenting in front of others, I will work with you.
  • Where do I work?

    I work mostly from my studio in Esher, Surrey. I work from my studio as it enables me to create the correct environment for your individual session, and to use any equipment that I feel necessary to give you the most benefit. If you are coming from London, the closest station is 30 mins from Waterloo, and the studio is ten minutes walk from the station.The K3 (Kingston to Esher) Bus stop is 4 mins from the studio. By car the studio is 5 mins from the A3 Esher exit and is about 10 mins from M25. Junction 10. If you would like a session in London, I arrange that, however there will be a £10-15 extra charge per hour for the space that we use. I also teach by Skype.
  • Skype sessions.

    If you live too far away to come to my studio, or if you feel too unwell to travel, I can work by telephone (for coaching) or on Skype for singing and public speaking, and coaching.
  • Do I teach singing to children?

    I do not teach singing to children under the age of 16, that is not where my interest nor my specialities lie. I do work, through coaching and breathwork with young people who feel that they have trouble being heard.

What might a session be like?

  • Singing & public speaking coaching

    We will begin with a quick chat, then breathing and vocal exercises to warm-up, learn about and coordinate your voice, this is where you will learn the most about freeing your natural voice. You can then decide if you would like to work on a song or speech, which you can chose, or continue the session by experimenting with and developing the flexibility of your voice. If you don't yet know what you want to sing (or speak!), we can play it by ear and go at your pace.
  • Breathwork Journeying

    Just bring yourself along, however you feel today, and we will start there. Wear comfortable clothing that you can relax and move in, if you can. We'll chat a bit to find out how you are and what you would like from your session and then I'll tailor your session especially for you, for de-stressing, general health and happiness, pain management, releasing old patterns, discovering and strengthening purpose - whatever you wish to work on. A session will include a chat, and explanation of the simple breathing technique if it's your first time, a guided meditation, a breathwork journey, bodywork if you wish, an art process and an opportunity to discuss and process your experience.