We all have right to speak and to sing. We all have the power to chose to be heard. We can all sing. We can learn to feel confident about our speaking voices. We can improve the connection between our voices and our bodies to release our true expression.

My approach is to help you find your authentic voice.

I work with who you are and how your body works for you. So, your sessions will include working with your voice, breath and movement, plus some discussion about the ways that you perceive and approach speaking and singing to guide you to your healthy, powerful voice.

What happens in a singing lesson or public speaking session?

We begin with a quick chat, then breathing and vocal exercises to warm-up, learn about and coordinate your voice, this is where you will learn the most about freeing your natural voice. You can then decide if you would like to work on a song or speech, or continue the session by experimenting with and developing the flexibility of your voice. If you don’t yet know what you want to sing or present, we can play it by ear and go at your pace and I can help you choose something that suits you.

In singing lessons you will learn vocal technique for classical singing and for folk, jazz and musicals, whichever style you wish to sing your new technique will serve you.  For more about my approach to singing click here

Public speaking success is very much about you feeling comfortable to be your authentic self in front of your audience. If we are trying to hide our nerves or perhaps the way we truly feel about our voice from our audience, our voices tend to let us down. Public speaking tuition is about finding the power and authenticity in your voice with the confidence ‘on-stage’ to get your message strongly and successfully to your audience. For more about my approach to public speaking click here 

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