Daily we use the brain responses that are intended to protect us in crisis to enable us to work harder and faster, and to fight harder to succeed. In fact, if we are not stressed we can feel that we are not working hard enough. These brain repsonses increase heart rate and blood pressure, and intensify our ability to focus, provisionally, but over time we become over-whelmed as our bodies struggle to maintain this state and we no longer know how to release ourselves from this hyper-alert state and relax. We become jumpy and irritable, we have trouble sleeping, we catch colds more often.

With our bodies in this state of hyper-alert and overwhelm we become less productive, more excitable, less easy to work with, and we begin to struggle. Yet our brains tell us that the only way to solve this is to work harder. We are caught in a trap.

It is up to each of us, individually, to stop and breathe, and then to chose to learn methods of de-stressing and take back control of your life. It may seem counter-intuitive to just stop when we feel permanently in a time-crunch, but de-stressing will increase your productivity. Experiencing a sound healing session will allow your mind and body to release its state of tension and recover a state of balance. Learning Voice Alchemy tools to de-stress is an investment in career, health and home life. I can teach you those tools, you can reclaim your creativity, clarity and joy.

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Pain Management

Whether you experience pain as a chronic condition or syndrome, or are healing from an accident, injury or surgery, Breathwork, Voice Alchemy, and learning to understand and positively exploit your own mind/body connection will help your pain and promote healing. Many people who have suffered long term pain also suffer from a high degree of stress, possibly even PTSD, so pain and stress can become a vicious cycle and recovery more of a challenge. It is possible to break this cycle, and it is easier to break the cycle with some help!

My voice and singing have brought me through the darkest of times and been a vital part of my healing journey. I have fought hard and questioned everything. During my journey I have met and learned from some amazing, inspirational people. I would like to pass the skills that I have learnt, on to you.

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