Healing through sound is an ancient healing modality. The ancient Greeks believed music had the power to heal body and soul.

‘Men have song as a physician for pain.’ – ancient Greek saying

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of the science of psycho-acoustics through sound frequencies to the body and mind with the intention of bringing you into a state of balance, relaxation and health.

The ear is the centre of the body’s sense of balance, rhythm and movement and conducts vibration, through the medulla, to the entire nervous system. The auditory nerve connects with all the muscles of the body. Muscle tone, balance, flexibility, vision and even clarity of thought are affected by sound. Through the vagus nerve, the inner ear connects with the larynx, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, bladder, kidneys, small intestine and large intestine.

Every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency. Every organ, bone and tissue has it’s own responsive frequency, or its own ‘song’. When you are unwell, that part which has dis-ease  becomes out of tune, or even forgets its ‘song’ and will affect the whole body. Through sound healing it can be possible to bring the diseased organ into harmony with the rest of the body, and relieve chronic pain or discomfort.

Emotion = energy in motion. Energy follows awareness. In sound healing, sound becomes the carrier wave for our intentionality to heal.

Sound is also a vehicle to allow you to enter your inner world and, through guided processes using thought and imagery, find your inner wisdom and intuition allowing you to heal from the inside out and triggering your mind to release chemicals which allow our body to relax and heal, and helping you to release any negative thought patterns that effect your health and happiness.

Imagine the opera singer who shatters a glass with the vibration of her voice. This is visible proof of the effect of sound upon matter. Those same vibrations act upon the cells of the body with intentionality to reorganise dis-eased cells when I use my voice as a healing tool or when you use your own voice with my Voice Alchemy system.

‘As for us, we do not use simple words but sounds all filled with power.’ – Asklepios to King Amman, the Corpus Hermeticum

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