Experience how you can use your voice to turn your life into gold – that is, a Golden You, the You you always thought you could be.

Most of us think of an Alchemist as being someone who can turn lead into gold. However, historically Alchemists were also the scientists and those who studied methods of healing, and made medicines. You can learn to make your own medicine within your own body, with Sound.

Becoming your own Voice Alchemist is a way to release, often hidden, blockages to free expression and creativity and allow you to move towards becoming the master of your own health and happiness. You will learn techniques to help you de-stress and think more clearly. You will learn how to focus your intention and the healing power of your mind. You do not have to be a singer or musician to benefit from psycho-acoustic healing with Sound and Voice.

We have all experienced when a song, sung by perhaps our favourite artist, or a golden oldie that brings back memories, has moved us deeply. We have all felt when a sound has given us the shivers. Sound changes your brain chemistry. It is a very powerful tool for transformation. It is the vehicle for your intention to transform and heal. Do you remember a moment when you lost track of time whilst listening to music? Sound has the ability to alter our perceptions of time and space, and to give us the keys to our inner wisdom.

Learning to observe and master breathing is an empowering part of Voice Alchemy. If you have any issues with stress or pain, breathing techniques can help reduce your pain. We can also learn how to change not only our own mood but the moods of those around us with our breathing rhythms. Did you know that as humans we unconsciously use mirror neurons to harmonise with those around us? This is what makes us twitch a smile when someone smiles at us, even if we are not in the mood to do so.

I use a very holistic approach to health and healing guided by my experience and intuition. Your sessions may include Breathwork, Movement, Voice Alchemy, Soundbath, Healing Touch, Meditation techniques, inner journeying and positive thinking techniques.

You will learn to listen to your body, become more confident in your intuition, learn to use sound as a tool for vibrational healing. You will be able to look inwards for answers from your own inner wisdom, be happier being you, and in control of your own destiny.

If you feel that using your own voice is not right for you at the moment, then just come and relax and enjoy a sound healing experience tailored just to you.

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